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Single digits no more!  
12:38am 20/11/2008
Kind of hard to believe that ten years ago tonight I was in the hospital waiting for the morning to be induced. At 2:21 pm, my baby will be ten years old!

Monkeygirl has been putting herself to bed for a couple of months now. Tonight she asked me to put her to bed. I asked her what was up and she told me that it was her last night in single digits. Tomorrow she would be in double digits. I spent time sitting on her bed brush her hair back and telling her how much I loved her. Then I had to wrap her birthday fairy gift.

Now it's to bed and tomorrow I will try not to be too sad that my baby is growing up way to fast. I am so glad she let me baby her this one night. How did she know it was what I needed?

last night in single digits
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02:14pm 20/11/2008 (UTC)
Moon Girl
Good lord, that child is beautiful.

Kids are always wiser than we think. Now, don't get me wrong, tomorrow she'll be thinking putting marbles up her nose is a *good* idea ( or some such) but emotionally they are far wiser than we are.


Hey, pick a night coming up that's good for you so I can call; knowing us it'll be a long conversation. :)
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04:10pm 20/11/2008 (UTC)
Any Monday or Wednesday evening is usually pretty good for me. I would love to have a nice long talk. Let me know when you want to do it so I can clear the decks and make sure everyone leaves me alone!
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01:58am 21/11/2008 (UTC)
"how did she know it was what I needed..."

because kids always know. There's no explaining it, they just do.
And she is to pretty for her own good.
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02:03am 21/11/2008 (UTC)
dancingotter72: wtf
Get it straight...she is too pretty for MY own good!!!
picword: wtf
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