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Thoughts and Musings

Sometimes Profound, most times, not so much

5 June 1972
Hey, this is Cherie! I am married, a mother, a pre-k teacher,work weekends at Sterling Ren Faire in the summer and in my obviously copious free time, I do in-home adult toy parties. Anything more you want to know, just ask.
80s movies, 80s music, ad&d, adam baldwin, alan rickman, alan tudyk, anthropology, archaeology, arthurian legend, big damn heroes, big damn movie, bloom county, board games, books, browncoats, caffeine, celtic, celtic culture, celtic folklore, celtic knotwork, celtic music, cemeteries, cemetery photography, children's literature, chocolate, comedy, cooking, dark is rising, dragons, dungeons and dragons, edward gorey, empty hats, faeries, faire, faires, fairy tales, family of faire, fan fiction, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, feasts, feminism, fiction, filk, firefly, folk music, folk tales, folklore, food, games, gaming, goddesses, good omens, goodreads, goth/industrial, gothic, halloween, harry potter, hellenism, het, historical re-enactment, history, hoban "wash" washburne, hoban washburne, house md, irish dance, irish history, irish myth, jewel staite, jhonen vasquez, joss whedon, law & order, leaf on the wind, legends, librarians, librarianship, libraries, library, library science, literature, long hair, lord of the rings, magic, men in kilts, monty python, morena baccarin, movies, music, musical theater, my kids, mysteries, mythology, myths, nathan fillion, nature, nature spirituality, novels, occult, open mindedness, otters, pagan, paganism, pagans, quotes, reading, ren faire, ren faires, renaissance, renaissance faire, renaissance faires, renaissance festival, renaissance festivals, renfaire, renfaires, renfest, renfests, rennaisance faire, rennie, rennies, role-playing, roleplaying, rpgs, sarcasm, sci-fi, science fiction, scrapbooking, sean maher, serenity, singing, snarking, somethingpositive.net, spirituality, sterling ren faire, sterling renaissance festival, summer glau, tarot, tattoos, teaching, television, ursula le guin, wash, wash/zoe, webcomics, wicca, wild-patterned socks, women, writing, zoe alleyne washburne, zoe/wash